Educational Usage of Papers, Please

Papers, Please wasn't designed as an educational game but its topics are relevant enough that it has been used successfully in the classroom with a supporting curriculum.



If your school is a registered institution with Apple, the iPad version can be purchased through Apple with an educational discount of 10%.


Standard retail copies of the game can be used for educational purposes. If you're interested in purchasing 10 copies or more for your school, please contact me at media -at- this domain for a 10% bulk discount.


Educational institutions are permitted to install and use one legally-obtained copy of the game per seat. School-owned devices can contain the game, which can then be played by more than one student. Student-owned devices require separate copies.


There is no special educational version of Papers, Please. The retail version is the only one available. Please note that the game contains pixelated nudity and violence. The nudity can be disabled from the menu but there's nothing stopping students from adjusting this setting on their own.